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Many hounds soon catch the hare

2016.07.21 17:27:34

We don't know whether Nicholas of Verona knew this saying, but hares do play a central role in his famous hunting frieze in the apse of the Kaiserdom in Königslutter.

First, the depicted narrative shows the usual course of action. The hunting dog grabs the hare by the neck and brings the booty to the hunter.
But then, something unexpected. The hunter on the ground, tied up by the hare.

It is not surprising that this scene has been interpreted in different manners. The most popular interpretation states that the image symbolizes the triumph of Good over Evil.

The church itself is a fine example of Romanesque architecture, standing on a hill and covered by old lime trees. The structure is beautifully decorated with sculptures and features a wonderful cloister wing. Actually a Benedictine monastery church, the Kaiserdom is the burial site of Lothar III (ruled 1125-1137) who, after the end of the Salian dynasty, managed to prevent the Staufers grabbing power (see also: the 12th century - the Holy Roman Empire).

The church is well worth a visit. Königslutter is near Braunschweig.
Translation: Erik Eising (M.A.)


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